You play as Meri, a dog made of sand, traversing hourglass-shaped worlds as they search for their owner, Dune. Move side-to-side and flip the whole world around you to avoid obstacles, collect hidden shells, and meet new people. Just remember to go down and find Dune. 

**Click once outside of the WebGL to start the music**


Left Arrow/Right Arrow OR A/D, and Space.

Please refrain from using the mouse when possible!


Made for Mini Jam 112: Chrono.

Limitation: Only 3 Buttons

Install instructions

Windows: Open the .exe file to play.

Mac: If you get the error that it can't be opened because Apple can't check for malicious software, right-click the application in your downloads and press open from there.


Download 49 MB
Download 40 MB


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I love how well the flipping upside-down mechanic pairs with the hourglass theme! The timer, which subtracts or adds time depending on whether the glass is right side up or upside down is also unique--it was easy to understand that you couldn't run out of time by hitting 0 or the upper time boundary. 

It took me a while to get used to the flipping. It might be because of how the camera follows the player, but it feels a little off position right after I flip. This sometimes made me bump into spikes accidentally. It's helpful that the background arrows show which direction you're facing, though, and I also liked the tips that each character would give for the next level. 

Overall, the levels were trickier than I thought, but it was fun to finally figure the paths out. Love the art, theming, and the cutscenes, too!